Flo Akinbiyi is an Event Moderator, Virtual Presenter, and Communication Coach. Last year he wanted to upgrade his business. He felt like his brand was missing finesse and was not delivering his personality or creating a strong memory on people’s minds. Additionally, he felt like it lacked consistency across all platforms and collaterals. The brief was simple. He said, “It is time to rebrand. It is time to be LOUDER, to stand out and take it to the next level”. He gave us free rein to dig deeper into the brand to reshape the strategy, however, we were asked to execute the design only on specific collaterals. With a simple, straightforward forward, and very functional approach we needed to create the logo, a PPT presentation, and the Social Media templates.


The brand strategy phase uncovered his values and the overall brand story where he defines himself as an Event Moderator, Virtual Presenter and Communication Coach that believes everyone has a great story to tell. As part of the observations and something he wanted people to remember was that he is a German/Nigerian with a very distinctive charisma.


So, it became clear that his brand needed to carry an aspect of heritage along with his optimistic personality. That’s why the monogram is inspired by the Yoruba masks shaped from the 3 letters of his name, bringing a charismatic expression with a very German style –simple, geometric, and with a focus on typography where less is more.


After launching his brand, he and his community of followers seem very happy with the end result, some even show their appreciation with phrases like “I love this Flo, it’s so you! And that logo is a masterpiece! Well done, keep smashing it!” and “Brilliantly expressed and insightfully designed” and “Love it Flo the bright colors and your energy go hand-in-hand”. His brand now reflects his personality in a memorable, appropriate, and distinctive way. With a positive eye on the future – because of the logo, get it? –, we are sure his new brand will help him achieve his business goals and exceed everyone´s expectations.


Client: Flo Akinbiyi
Brand identity: Diego R. Wikander

Happy to announce our work for Kitopi has been shortlisted for the Transform Awards 2022 in two categories     |    We stand for conscious brands, knowing that what we put out has consequences for the world and your business. We work hard to create as much value as possible, and to build the brands people want to be associated with     |   

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